FinKoper - CRM for accounting firms

FinKoper helps to manage a company much more efficiently

Accounting firms with FinKoper benefit from increased transparency, automation and collaboration
FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

All in one place!

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Tasks for employees

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Personal tax calendar

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Group notifications and messages


Opportunities for administrator

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Client profitability

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Employee efficiency

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Looking for new clients

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Safety of your data


One service — for communication with clients and within the company

Choose the tariff that's right for you

Flexible tariffs for any company

You pay only for number of clients

Specify how many clients you have

  • Per month
  • Per year


Number of clients


Per month
  • Free always: chats and groups between employees
  • Document storage %storage%
  • Informing clients about task completion automatically
  • Personal task calendar for an employee
  • Inclusion in the federal database of accounting companies
  • Ability to create a client task via Telegram
  • Mailing to clients via email and messengers
  • 15% discount when paying for a year

Become a member of the community

Find clients without advertising costs

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Attracting clients

We create the professional community of accounting companies, the base of which will be used by clients

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Easy search

Your potential clients will easily find you by given parameters — the list of services and prices

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Quick Contact

Respond to requests from the site within our service. Fast and convenient!

FinKoper (ФинКопер) - управление бухгалтерской фирмой

Advertising on us

We advertise the service and the base of accounting companies on various platforms

Director of an accounting company
The program simplifies a lot of tasks, our employees appreciated the ability to communicate with clients and with each other in chats using them with pleasure.
Just what I need!
Freelance Accountant
This is the first time I learned the program quickly and it didn't take me very long.
Quick and easy
Chief Accountant
We have brought order to the tasks between employees, now the tasks and their implementation are under control! Success to you!
We are comfortable!
We've been looking for a service like this for a long time! From the first days of using it, we knew we wouldn't give it up again. Thank you!!!
Senior Accountant
Communicating with clients is a pleasure, now there is no need to switch between messengers and e-mail — everything is in one window.

Recommendations from our users

Dozens of companies have already optimized their work using our service. Company executives, employees and self-employed accountants praised the convenience and ease of use. Join us!


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Support Forum

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Write your ideas on the forum and we will realise them as soon as possible!


Questions & Answers

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What happens if I stop paying

You will continue to have access for an additional 30 days after the payment deadline without any restrictions. If there is no payment after this period, we will limit the use of communication with clients through our service. But access to your correspondence history will certainly remain. And you will also be able to continue using chat within your company.

If a feature is critical to me, will you ever develop it?

We believe in making our customers happy and are always improving our product with that goal in mind. Your business is important to us, so we have a feature request board where we can prioritise our customers' needs.

How will the tariff be calculated if I have a change in the number of customers?

The minimum tariff includes 5 clients, each client above this number will be charged an additional fee. The tariff is calculated based on the maximum number of clients you have had in the current month.

Are there any discounts?

Yes ;) If you pay for a year it will be 15% cheaper than if you pay monthly. For companies with more than 50 clients - special conditions.