Connect your clients to the Finkoper Telegram Bot and reduce the time you spend communicating with them. Making task lists, and preparing reports on the work done!

What to do: when creating a new client just switch on Telegram option «Contact options». The service will generate a unique link to create a Telegram Chat with this client.

Send the link to the client, and after the client activates it — you will get a reliable automated channel for communication with him.

Use the 3 benefits of automating your communication with customers to increase the efficiency of your work:


Your client can set a task for an accountant or send documents under the guidance of the bot in a few seconds. Once the task is set, it is instantly reflected in the accountant’s list and embedded in his schedule.

The client can get a report on completed tasks or tasks in progress, for a period or a specific day, at any time, without distracting the accountant. He will see and understand what he pays for, it will increase the transparency of your work and strengthen his confidence in your company. And reducing the accountant’s time with clients increases his productivity.


Usually, services offering messenger communication connect your personal account, which automatically gives them access to all your contacts and correspondence.

We offer a bot that is not connected in any way to your messenger account and does not require access to your contacts. To create a chat, we use a unique link where your client goes to Telegram and opens a chat with you. No one gets access to your personal information!


In addition to creating tasks, you can use chat to communicate with your customer. Use this channel for convenient, reliable, and secure communication with your customers.

All information is saved in the service, even if the client edits or deletes the message. You’ll be able to prove that you’re right in case of misunderstandings with them.

Free up your time for more important tasks!