How much time do you spend on current affairs? Do you know how busy your employees are? Are you sure that all reports are sent on time? How much time do you spend justifying your monthly bills to clients?

In FinKoper, keeping track of your entire team’s daily workload is easy. You see all the chats each employee participates in and the number of tasks they have in the works. The director’s dashboard displays information on all tasks, including overdue ones, at any given time. As a result, you will know your best employees, better plan, and distribute the workload.

Administrative work is done without your participation — after setting up the client, each accountant has a calendar with a list of tax tasks. Clients can send current tasks to their accountant via messenger using a chatbot, without distracting the specialist with unnecessary calls. As a result, each employee in your firm clearly understands what he needs to do at any given time.

In the work of a manager, it is important to know what employees are doing and to be sure that all urgent and important tasks and reports will be done on time. Sometimes you need to respond quickly to a change in staffing — for example, an employee is ill, or an accountant has an urgent request from a client. The firm’s reputation and possible financial penalties depend on the promptness of the reaction. In FinKoper you simply assign another specialist, and he instantly gets access to all the client’s documents, task list, and correspondence, and can quickly get up to speed and get to work.

In FinKoper, we believe that automating routine processes is the key to increasing productivity and profits, what do you think?